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Keep It In Context

When the written Word of God is studied, one of the most imperative principles is that it be studied in its given context.

As with any written document, there are principles of interpretation that must not be overlooked.  In Scripture, there are a variety of styles, but the context will still be the most important tool. Inspiration, Interpretation, and Application are all vital in the understanding of God’s Word.

Inspiration is revealed in 2 Timothy 3:16,17 and 2 Peter 1:19-21   Inspiration is the work of the Holy Spirit in giving us the Scriptures in written form.  The Holy Spirit “carried” those men chosen by Him to write as they did.   They were under the power of the Holy Spirit and wrote using their own vocabularies and reasons for writing.  It is a mystery not fully understood, yet what is written is inspired by God through men who wrote as they did.

Interpretation is the work of people in studying and understanding the Inspired Scriptures.  The Holy Spirit illuminates people,  and works through the principles and methods of interpretation.  This is the “hard work” of study.

Application is participating in making the truth of Scripture real in people’s lives.  Application does not come before proper interpretation; when application comes first, then “anything goes” as far as the truth is concerned.  The Truth is always the same; Application of the Truth can vary.

The purpose here is simply to “keep it in context” as we study, interpret, and apply the truth of Scripture.  May God the Holy Spirit illuminate us and bless us with His eternal truth!


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