My name is Dr. Rick Wolgamott.  I became a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ on March 18, 1973.  On that day I heard the Word of God regarding the free gift of eternal salvation, and I believed what God said.  From that time on I have sought to serve the Lord, working for Him, learning as much as I can.

I attended Liberty University, where I met my wife, Beth.  Together we have traveled around the country and the world, serving the Lord and teaching His Word.  We have four married children, and 11 grand-children.

The name of the website you are on reveals what I believe about the Word of God.  It is God’s intentional communication to people.  It is divinely inspired, yet not dictated.  It is truth, and does not compromise.  It is relevant but is not controlled or determined by culture or society.  It is eternal and cannot be changed.  It is without error in its original manuscripts, and reveals the will of God for mankind.

This website is dedicated to teaching the Word of God, always striving to “Keep It In Context”.  So often the Word of God is interpreted by personal feelings or experiences.  Yet, the context is often overlooked.

It is my goal:

1: to teach the importance of studying the Word in context;

2: to train people in study of the Bible;

3: to communicate the one true Gospel, and expose false gospels;

4: to equip people to recognize truth and error;

5: to encourage the Church to remain true to the Written Word.